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Data de publicação 12/07/2019

Currently, we are looking for Data Analyst interns in our office in Madrid and Lisbon ( the second one only for students that have as a native language Portuguese) 

Students can apply in the following email:  Moreover, in some months from now, we will offer internships for the HR Manager and Media Manager position.


About Digital Demand - D2:


Digital Demand – D2© is a Big Data company that provides analytic insights and intelligence about Countries, Regions and Cities.

Our proprietary software reveals the appeal by gathering all searches performed on a global level towards Countries, Regions and Cities. Every year, we publish the Digital Country and Digital City Indexes which measure the interest and performance of countries and cities in the areas of Tourism, Investment, Export, Talent and National Prominence.

The World Economic Forum includes Digital Demand - D2© data in their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2018 edition as a source to assess global touristic appeal.


Since 2014, the Digital Demand- D2© tool has been used by over 20 organizations.






Please visit for more information.


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